Poems for April, 2011 (National Poetry Month)

12 Apr
Poems for April, 2011 (National Poetry Month)

I See Nature Has Me Spellbound

In this never ending chaos around us,
science claims is the origins of life’s invisible thread of beginning.
But, try telling that to those
experiencing loss and unexpected change.
Who among us hasn’t been gripped by,
the cycle of grief waiting for a stargate,
to open and reveal promise,
of continuum for fresh,
new starts without the many endings too.
Power of positive thinking thrown in,
the face of inevitable,
life cycles so quick to determine outcomes.
No matter how I plant the garden,
my dreams compensate before.
Since sooner or later,
even that which we believe,
faces the scrutiny of time and change.
What does a baby know of old age?
(living’s inevitable progression).
Each day, I look out my window,
I see nature has me spellbound.
That fascinating pattern of sky,
the way the wind and tides move.
Even if I could change the way things are,
How to choose what would be better or worse?

Someone Said To Me Today

Someone said to me today,
`People are mean, but they don`t mean it.“
Is that just an excuse?
There must be a believable
explanation for,
an unreasonable
recourse to inflict upon,
another person.
Exhaustion seems a culprit.
Too much at one time to think about.
Both explanations seem plausible,
if you consider that study
shows how a person makes more
errors driving when tired,
than they do when drunk,
(and that`s bad enough)
Apparently, jealousy
has a very short fuse too.
Needing acceptance from peers sometimes
translates into the language of,
the inexplicable doing,
unto another with no thought,
for the universal
truth that what we do,
be what we wish for ourselves.

March 27, 2011:  Farewell to the MV Lady Rose

Farewell to the Lady,
a venerable passenger vessel,
once berthed next to the Queen Mary,
in Scotland was the first ship built,
to cross the Atlantic with a single
propeller under diesel power as,
a new BC coaster sailing
various routes until
1960 when brought to
call Port Alberni home.
Sharing the Barkley Sound summer route
and winter Nootka route,
with the MV Uchuck ll.
Then later sharing the Barkley Sound route,
with the MV Frances Barkley.
When she left on the final trip,
a hole was left at the dock enough,
to close a marine history chapter.
But, not enough to forget if
and when the Lady becomes
a floating restaurant in
Tofino where she now will be,
or in a coffee table story book
memory of seventy-seven
years of marine service.

Signs of Spring’s Arrival

Sign of spring’s arrival;
A yellow cat waiting in the grass,
camouflaged by daffodils.
Stripes cut in a lawn,
beneath a leafing willow caused
by a ride along mower stop,
with muddy track marks.
Rows of cherry blossoms.
By the creek, thimbleberries,
just finishing their small purple bloom,
and starting to unfurl pale green buds.
Lots of robins feeding
together chirping eight note songs.
So many other,
bird songs all day long.
With the length of day increasing,
people want to stay outdoors longer.
Azalea bushes burst,
with purples, reds, pinks and white.
More daffodils in clusters.
My future summer
garden grows in planter flats still
protected indoors from nights,
of fluctuating season weather,
when frost pays a visit.

On the Eve of Earth Day

A gaggle of noteworthy events planned,
for night sky viewing light shows,
the Aurora Borealis,
and specks of light from what is Lira,
or watch the international space
station moving in the sky.
If that doesn`t intrigue,
there`s lots happening at ground level too.
depending on temperatures,
a pleasant evening might inspire
taking a walk in celebration,
of the great big outdoors.
Even better to have involvement in
a local eco event.
Earth day coinciding with,
the first day of spring called,
by some  as the Spring Equinox.
This year, on a major holiday,
Easter that has some roots in the Hebrew
Passover is the more religious side,
of the tradition, whereas,
the Easter Bunny represents,
food and games more for entertainment.
Old and new values merge.

Bus Trip April 18, 2011

Last evening, I found,
some of the World Poetry Group,
(of all places in celebration),
downstairs in the Vancouver
Public Library for,
April, National Poetry Month,
with a multicultural reading,
plus a finale of music,
where all could take partake,
by invitation
in a group dance holding hands.
Next day, in a Kelowna,
Tim Horton’s over morning coffee,
there was this conversation with,
two chatty locals.
Plenty of opinions,
with lots of anecdotes,
each with our stories to tell.
Where did the time go?
Maybe I was a sucker giving,
a fin to the man, who said he
had no food to eat yesterday.
Back on the bus, the driver,
new to the route searching for small town
depots appreciates
help in finding them.

Pretzel Day and the Launching of the Savvy Joan – April 26, 2011

What has been identified,  

as Pretzel Day in America,

this day launched the boat we call, “Savvy Joan”,

in all weather imaginable,

and at the lowest tide possible.

Out of the water over

winter for specific work not

easily done when tied up at the dock.

Running greatly underpowered but,

acting so much like a big fish out

of water the way she slipped,

quickly into the salt water.

With her 32 ft displacement

hull built in an old British tug style,

probably once a fish boat, now rebuilt,

a live aboard suits her well.

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