May 2011 Poems

23 May

Strathcona Park & North Vancouver Island

I write this in remembrance,
and that should tell,
how impressionable it was.
It was, it is and always will,
be a place of awe,
some place with wild, wildlife.
What is the attraction to nature
compared to a lover relationship?
since beauty cannot be compromised.
As long as it is left intact,
enough to have the force
of an eco system it,
still remains to be
seen once not
enough and yet,
the memories remain though,
years gone by trying to retrace the journey,
to a far western edge,
swept by wind and tide,
with it’s extensive network of
fiorded lakes, gurgling rivers,
magnificent elevations stretched,
in green proportions,
of temperate rainforest.
Where one of the highest
waterfalls on earth is.
Although I’ve not  hiked to those falls,
yet, there are some
spots I want to return again to.
Favourite camping places,
locations to sketch,
or to snap photos.
Not that it is possible to
capture adventure only by
images show essence,
on a trip planned for sketching.


I do yes,
feel castaway,
(at times), in my life still,
What I want to say,
and can’t seem to say,
hidden in,
recesses of my life,
Freedoms suppressed,
through stagnating
beliefs from a passing
age changing even
of the stars
moved and moving still fail,
to teach lessons of
how to form truce
with our nature,
Do not over power,
just for the sake of

About Water         

A phenomenon,
without much discussion,
is how water
has proven
Take the example
of being in a boat,
on the water.
always moving.
The human body
must adjust
it’s equilibrium,
so largely composed of
liquid form,
repeats motion,
even afterwards.

       May 12 Ferry Trip

A large school of dolphins
diving beside,
the “Queen of Cowichan” ferry,
just out of Departure Bay.
Difficult to see,
everything is so grey.
One of those days,
that characterizes what,
temperate climate is.
Vouchsafe to say,
this weather type
occurs all times of year.
White caps in the Strait
present distorted views,
through plexi glass windows.
The past 3 days,
have been the same.
A crunching and chip bag rattling,
from the passenger
sitting behind inspires,
me to move to a new place.
Lulled into the grey filled day,
while staring out,
from a window seat,
where tidbits of conversations,
effect a drowsiness.

Bird Poem    

Birds are having their lunch,
same time as we are.
Get this: a bug flying head on
with a cliff swallow that snapped it up
when beside the poor insect.
On the road again, a pair
of unidentified yellow,
speckled birds manoeuvred,
at the last second,
away and upwards from the far side,
of the vehicle travelling west.
It’s that time of year.
Young robins determined,
to learn the art of flying,
literally throw themselves across,
the highway, where thankfully most,
survive to reach greater heights.
The occasional crow seen poised close,
to the roadside edge,
even a few magpies.

May Long Weekend             

More dirt that snow,
an encrusted ridge,
all along the highway,
at Allison Pass in Manning Park
travelling through on the May
long weekend with lots of traffic,
in both directions and weather,
not conducive,
to what might be expected,
for what some refer to,
as the first of holiday season.
Snow packs still pronounced,
on the mountains.
Yet, the rivers and creeks
are almost spilling their banks.
Rainfall contributes to excess
H2O this Victoria Day.
The results in the Fraser Valley
show in lush green trees,
and newly planted farm fields.
Mesmerized by,
a string of headlights
headed out of the lower mainland.
Rippled but not broken,
from the quick crossing,
of 2 deer gone,
before 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail,
of which there are many passed by.
Good thing construction has stopped
today for all the Sunday
drivers out on Saturday night.
And no long wait for the ferry!
A gaggle of seagulls,
on a floating log
drifting out to a sunny evening,
welcome us back.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears     

Notice of black bears in the area,
new signs in Manning Park now.
The first one seen, I thought,
just by the size was a young one,
but, the driver disagreed with me.
The second sighting was a mother,
with her cub some distance off.
Then, the third bear was distinctly older,
on a steep bank close to the side,
of the highway nudging
at the rocks it appeared,
to exhibit no fear of us
driving by so near,
although slowed,
so as not to scare the bear and for us,
to get a better look at the same time.
From personal experience,
I know black bears are clever.
Still,it was only on the return trip,
through the park, at the same location,
where two small cars had stopped,
in a place with no road shoulder,
an accident in the making,
the third bear was once again
looking through all the rocks,
in the bank makes me wonder who is,
the Goldilocks messing with the three bears?

Ohm’s Law                

With the electrical equation,
amps x volts = watts.
Amps is a unit of electrical current,
volts a unit of electrical force,
And watts the power source, byproduct.
Where AC current is involved,
as long as you know 2 out of 3,
electrical units,
the third can be determined.
Then, there is electrical impendence.
One unit is an ohm, with it’s own law,
which states that 12 volts DC,
through 4 ohms impendence allows,
3 amps of current to flow causing,
another equation.
Amps x ohms = volts,
a unit of electrical force.
Recommended study of voltage drop,
in a line of wire is advised.
Ohm’s Law states that current through,
a conductor between two
points is proportional,
to the potential difference,
and inversely proportional to their
resistance between and across them.

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One response to “May 2011 Poems

  1. Robeee

    May 23, 2011 at 6:44 am

    Beautiful words or should I say words put together beautifully.

    xo Robeee


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