June 2011 Poems

14 Jun


The back of a head,
in the clouds,
strikingly pink.
Projected by,
the sun’s last rays.
The head sinks
into the grey,
clouds shouldering
it the more it droops.

New Crime Rate

What is considered
a new crime rate,
for a stingy old town,
 has explanation in nature.
where neighbour pitted against
neighbour serves the conquer
and divide of
community tactics
serving only a few.
Fear of competition,
dry rotted vacant structures,
bare lots in the heart,
of what could be a
 propspering of
a place worth living in.
(if anyone cares at all),
Who are the true crooks?


The Census representative came to call,
because I failed to submit,
the form with my own special number
(and you can’t proceed without that number).
So much for anonymous statistics.
Too many questions about language,
which has legitimacy,
to a point depending,
on the content of the question.
It would be too simple to ask,
What is your primary language spoken
And just to know who’s who,
at the zoo, there’s a question,
on sexual orientation.
No offense to the Census rep, but
their insistence for me to answer that
particular question meaning,
it wasn’t obvious,
when it was perfectly clear,
without my answer how I
am not a farmer inconsistent.
I was told the rules had to be obeyed.
Not to mention, we are all bound
by legal obligation.

Adios Patricia         

I miss your calling my name,
at the gate, where only your feet
showed below in colourfully clad
shoes and attire a characteristic
choice reflecting your southern heritage.
Although you claimed the colour
was to be different among,
the generally monotone dressed.
We were amigos for a short time,
but were of the same skin
regardless of how white I am to see.
Your light extinguished on the year’s
longest night to end suffering,
anymore from an all consuming
cancer of which you did not complain of.
Adios Patricia.

The News in Canada June 6, 2011

Canada Post is on a rotating strike,
and have turned down an offer for a new contract.
A computer hacker infiltrated,
the Conservative Party of Canada’s website with,
a message that Prime Minister,
Stephen Harper choked on a hash brown,
then airlifted to a Toronto
hospital identified immediately,
by some of the social media and reported,
as a news flash and then later claimed a hoax.
An epidemic of measles,
brought into Quebec from France does not have
health officials worried that it will spread.
Also in Quebec, a small car collided,
at night with an over weight black bear,
who then skidded down the highway,
on top of the car with some
tragic results for all,
but one passenger survived, with minor harm done.
A woman who spent 14 years in prison for
allegedly murdering her infant,
since released in 2009, today
cleared of a conviction so caused
by a psychiatrist’s false report, since it is now
determined the child died, from an epileptic seizure.
It is still raining in British Columbia and that means,
the snow is almost all melted on the mountains.
Not too far from here, the Similkameen
River is rising higher now than,
when I mentioned it driving through Manning Park,
last month in another poem.
In this town, the shit hit the fan,
with a sewer problem at city hall where,
the metaphor is very appropriate.
A trench is dug from the foundation,
to the sewer outlet presumably to drain
away the last of the town’s too small budget.

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