What One Man And A Twenty Ton Jack Can Do

23 Jun

Life’s Challenging Tasks

These pictures tell the story.  Of course, it takes a bit of ingenuity together with a lot of hard work.  But, in the end, this one man proved that what another man does, it is possible to undo.  Especially when, there seemed no hope of ever getting this trailer buried in a hole out of the ground.

With the trailer buried in the hole, you could not see the undercarriage, except by bending down by the side of it and looking down into the hole. My measuring tape indicates that the hole was 3 feet deep by 20 feet long by 9 feet across. To make matters more difficult, the guy who put it into the ground placed the hitch end in the ground of the next door neighbour’s property.  Afterwards, he put a fence over the tongue.  So, it is understandable that no one believed this trailer would ever be removed from its nest in the earth.

The weather remained decent for the first three days.  During that time, the man with the twenty ton jack spent most of the time jacking up the undercarriage and filling in areas of the ground, so that eventually the tires would be at ground level. My job was to help with filling in the hole around the tires.

At one time, the trailer was part of a 1930’s 10 ton truck. No doubt, there had been another pair of tires. Possibly the ones I had to pay to dispose of at the landfill for $20 a piece, about five years previous. Those tires were run flat.  Of the two remaining pairs, one just needed a lot of air and the other had a punctured inner tube.

Although we had to travel approximately 80 km. to and from the nearest tire store, where there was one man left who knew how to get the encrusted rim off the tire and replace the inner tube, it was a show to watch the repair job.  Almost $100 later, we had a useable tire for moving the trailer out of the hole.

On the fourth day, the weather changed. The man decided to try to move the trailer as quickly as possible before the rain made the ground a lot softer than it already was. With nerves of steel, the man made a plan about how to move the trailer and then put it into action.  I mostly watched. About two out of every three moves forward was good and the third manoeuver would result in some adjustment of the wooden planks underneath the tires.

By now, the rain had made a mess of the ground, but the worst part of the move was over Then, another day of hard work in trying to get the trailer placed in a stable position.  The last job was to completely fill in the small crater, where the trailer had been and level the ground.

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