July 2011 Poems

22 Jul

Self Worth             

Our own self worth,
so much more,
than what we could imagine.
If you don’t believe this,
ask this one question:
what are the limits,
of imagination?
How can we measure fairly,
imagination vs.
wildest dreams have same value.
Which means everyone,
it is possible,
to try love,
as the answer.
To find a way on wards.
Since there is no way
self worth can,
be less the treasure you wish.
Beyond all price.

Bits and Pieces      

I’m thinking about that phrase
scribbled on the bathroom door,
of that cafe, so many years back.
“My life is just bits and pieces
of other people’s lives, it seems,
Now, I take those bits and pieces,
and try to make something
pretty to sell to someone.
Buying these bits and pieces pays rent,
of artwork stored in crates where dust balls
and the occasional spider
live with my quiet collection,
until exhibited.

You Get the Drift Though     

Being a vendor at Farmers’ markets,
has days rewarding and some,
brutal with weather factors,
and whether or not folks,
are just looking or trying to get
ideas for their projects or just,
there for specific items.
Something may catch your eye.
Maybe, just maybe, a Picasso
type treasure is out there waiting, hiding
not just a piece of local art.
None the less, it might be in mask,
In these times it would not be unlikely,
to find remnants of our society,
taken out with the trash.
So many of us forced on
knees seems different culture.
Almost as if we have abandoned,
belief in human freedom nowadays.
Why do I feel made to submit?
And so much denial.
Is there something I missed?
Did aliens land recently,
conquer civilization,
as we know it, then herd us for slaves?
Just joking, but you get the drift though

           You can Lead A Horse To Water…

Is it reasonable to expect,
anyone to care take
the soul of another person?
or to cure someone elses’ addictions?
I say to the man telling
me his love lost story of,
a wife who was a drunk,
when he met her and how he helped
her to stop drinking, only to lose
her to pills later felt cheated somehow.
Still, those feelings are real despite the fact,
that the disappointment,
is partly his own doing,
and a part of his own undoing.
An interesting dilemma.
What he has yet to admit to
is how his own need drove him to try,
to change someone else to suit self mimics,
the actions of his father’s
abusive treatment of,
his mother although not,
in the same violent manner.
I recite the old cliché,
of how you can lead a horse to water…
the rest is up to the man to change.

When To Go Fishing

Only three factors to consider,
the sun, the moon and tides.
Fish exist by lunar time,
the time it takes the moon to go,
a complete rotation of earth
is 24 hours,
53 minutes called tidal day,
causing ocean tides to be,
a range of one hour later,
each day and why fish feed one hour,
later each day, twice daily.
Just consult the Solunar Tables,
to find out when the sun,
and the moon rise and set.
Read the tables for the morning,
or night of the desired fishing day.







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