August Poems 2011

26 Aug

Originality Comes With A Price    

Old world truth-the first shall be last,
and the last be first.
Who believes such thinking?
Not everyone understands riddles.
Without experience of,
always being the last with
or without prejudice,
only to arrive
first and find yourself considered
last in the pecking order implies
those who are different in any
capacity of physical,
mental or creative
unconformity beckons,
a red alert for,
status quo standards.
There is nothing fair about,
established societal beliefs,
looking to protect all that seems
normal-therefore safer.
Now assume that desire ,
for originality,
comes with a price, more a penalty.
Depends on how you look at it.
Truth is slow to show.

 In the Garden    

What do transitory butterfly’s get
from red geraniums?
Also a favourite among
hummingbirds in fact chose only reds,
which means they visit roses,
honeysuckle, bergamot,
and the pink summer flocks in the garden.
The flower having the most hits,
is the comfrey, by all the bees,
with flowering basil close behind.
And of course,the bergamot, with strong scent.
When the lemon balm blooms soon,
it will be most popular,
with the bees, while the birds go for bugs,
in the Maple trees and water,
spraying from pinholes in the soaker hose.

Thunder – Thursday August 11

Distant thunder
the sound that is heard,
from guns at a rifle range.
I know about that sound,
when visiting friends who
lived right across the road from one.
The sound of battle,
each morning until evening.
Suddenly the rumbling sound,
dropped with a thud that caused,
the ground to shake as if a bomb
exploded after,
ammunition  of hail
began to fall from the sky.
I ran to cover up,
tomatoes until just rain fell.

I’m A Doer     

I’m a doer,
in a “don’t do” place,
which is really just pattern
of abusive ideology,
(where once someone said you must crawl,
before you start walking)
is not always the way.
For I do much in my life without,
the need to crawl, and don’t expect it
of others either.
Which differs from
learning of humility.
To serve others is a step,
for understanding:
respect is not
about who has the power.
it is for everyone.
The pecking order is contrived,
and needs it’s critics, just as sun needs
rain to keep a balance in nature.
Some claim nature can
determine our behaviour,
between good times and bad,
and extreme societal trends.
That is why all things attract questions,
even that which becomes the standard
because time warps,
the human mind with a greed,
and the desire for sport,
to hunt and make prey,
of those who seem less.
Which turns out more as a twist of,
irony where those putting,
themselves first are the least
worthy of being elevated,
time does reveal.


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