September 2011 Poems

01 Oct

Thanks to Maria Campbell     

I’m writing this long after,
the time we met, now
when I meet her sister,
to explain how,
her influence,
in the grandmother’s circle,
pure instinct,
with an arts savvy,
gift to offer wisdom,
probably doesn’t  know,
how often her voice,
helped artists who,
for various reasons fell,
by the way,
from lost belief in self,
making it a good reason
to quit the art
And who can blame them?
Such a gift given,
for giving
back not hidden away,
Those who listened,
and overcame turn with thanks.

Summer Almost Past  – September 9

Summer almost past,
but, the weather hangs in.
Still hot in the afternoons,
yet comfortable in the shade.
An unexpected extension,
of the season pause
for thought if climatic
changes able to tilt earth,
due to multiple
conditions of all natural
source just evolution.
Everything always on
the move in the universe,
Probably nothing new under,
the sun we evolve.

All Play, No Work       

Their ancestors worked hard,
from nothing built,
and they found time to play.
Would they be embarrassed,
by the confusion,
sown by their future
Preferring just to play games.
The opposite to that old
expression saying,
“all work and no play makes
a dull person”
In their instance,
“all play and no work”,
a person with no backbone
and shifty motives.

The Liar T- Shirt

I was in Value Village,
in Kelowna looking for deals,
when I passed by a man holding up,
a  t – shirt with huge,
lettering, “LIAR”,
“Hey” called the man across,
the store to a woman hid
behind a clothes rack,
“Should I buy this shirt for you-know-who?”
And that is what caught my attention.
Does he know the same people I know?
But, it was just coincidence,
because I don’t live there,
and I didn’t know the folks.
The woman called back,
that the shirt was too
large for the person mentioned.
Although, it would have been
perfect for the individual,
that I thought it was just right for.
The shirt then displayed in a place,
so that everyone,
might be able to consider who,
has the nerve to wear it,
or whom ever they think of .

Bad Moon Rising  (September  27 – 30) 

I knew the new moon,
was a bad moon rising,
at the start,
drag racing up and down the street,
cat calling in the night.
Could be the drugs,
some people use,
But no, then seemingly,
those not known,
as drug abusers,
or drunks acting out of
character behaved strangely.
How strange? One
man impelled to claim,
my soul was in jeopardy
of being saved unless,
I recognized,
he was God’s true voice.
The same day,
a stranger
twice bullied
me for something that I said,
totally misconstrued by them.
Market customers,
argue who pays for goods.
Later a car almost
sideswiped my car,
while passing a truck.
Someone lit a firecracker in
tall, dry grass,
result caused no fire .


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