October 2011 Poems

28 Oct


has become the start,
of my new year.
Makes sense,
the change,
of season,
the end of gardens,
in apparel worn.
The sun
more than often,
grey skies in it’s place.
The divide between
from cool quenchers,
to hot drinks.

Queen of Alberni        

On board,
the Queen of Alberni,
en route to
Port Alberni.
Although the ship docks,
at Duke Point in Nanaimo.
The usual groups converge,
on the outside decks,
snapping photos,
in bliss,
this glorious,
October day to sail,
the Georgia Strait picture,
and the children
with travel size doses of,
sugar and salt foods,
break the pace of hushed tones,
with an outburst of temper.
Once calmed,
play again,
anything was wrong.
Then, the blue view reigns again.
People discuss such things,
what to
make for dinner,
cold medicines,
and try to find words,
to fit today’s crossword.
from all of this, I feel lulled with,
one open,
tired eye.

Prey vs. Pray    

“I’ll pray for you”,
has association
with preying upon.
In the beginning we were,
simply prey.
attempts to diminish,
all creatures who hunted us,
translates into,
our becoming best,
hunters with a need,
for more prey.
What better way,
than to impose the same,
method of domination.
Dear reader, even if you,
take offence,
what I’m saying,
wrong or right,
it is what it is such,
that praying for others,
especially if,
you don’t know,
a person can complicate,
the need for help.

Zombies, Vampires, Poltergeists Don’t Compare   

Zombies shows so trendy of late,
exaggerate the truth of something,
what is more ironic of
the way a person becomes bloodsucker,
(in a manner of words).
But, there is relevance,
in the format of how easy,
victims become a prey,
(and not see it).
Every time a creature gives into
violating the rights of
of another falls into,
the idea of “zombie behaviour.
“cool to be uncool” stuff,
imagination of,
TV doesn’t make it less real.
History to remind us of why,
condoning violence leads to more of,
in wild animals explained by,
the need for food even,
exertion of dominance,
an example of social deviance.
Zombies, vampires, poltergeists don’t compare,
to parasites, which are not so much
regarded as real danger,
but with a limited
TV story line interest.


It’s amazing how,
drivers take personal,
something happened,
on the road.
For the first time in my life,
I ran out of gas,of all places,
in the middle of a 3 way,
intersection at the stop sign.
That was the only,
fortunate aspect about,
my bad luck,
because not knowing what,
my problem was,
since the gas gauge was not on empty,
and the fact that starting the engine,
without gas
killed the battery,
there I am stuck,
with drivers behind swearing,
even screaming at me to move,
others waiting until,
I indicate to go
around adds more frustration.
Four way flashers
give the signal to,
a small percentage of drivers,
while I call for roadside assistance,
on my cell.
Driver’s honk,
and give looks of disgust,
when stopped alongside of me.
As I look at angry faces,
although a few laugh,
this is what I’m experiencing,
I feel afraid,
that someone will,
hit me while in the car,
plus I need,
to make it obvious this is,
not intentional.
So, I put my hood up on the car.
Then, I stood on the sidewalk.
This at least stopped the feed back.
One man called out,
while I was waiting for,
the tow truck to
ask if I needed any help.
I’m glad it was less than a half hour.


‘Shrooming up,
and down forest hill sides,
in search of the delectable,
chanterelle and cauliflower.
But, a stand of whites
makes mushroom soup.
So difficult,
to find now with,
rampant logging all over,
the chanterelle habitat facing,
imminent destruction.
A pity,
since this fungus ranks,
as culinary,
favourite , with a
chicken taste
and texture cooked.
Not always easy to spot,
among yellow fallen,
leaves and the cover of salal.
Sometimes hiding deep in the moss,
where year after year,
they will return,
if the roots
left by cutting the stem.
Found in approximation,
to one another in stands.
But, not all the time.
Sold by weight and market
desirability and shipped,
the world over,
in season.


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