November 2011 Poems

28 Nov

  The Elements

Living on the water,
in a vessel,
emphasizes connection,
of water and land.
A frontier,
formed by,
the elements.
more than separation of,
only perception,
and vulnerability,
give the distinct impression,
of an edge.
Once stepped out new
The fact that we
learn to swim,
and born with capacity,
to crawl similar,
as beneath land lies
water and water has a
bottom to it,
indicates close ties.

Now A Time  

Now a time,
when difference
between deception and honesty,
The use of story,
and drama anywhere,
from contrived to au naturel,
to entire performance castings.
Desire to acquire more,
with less effort,
no concern,
for future generations,
at loggerheads with belief system,
opposite thinking,
the planet deserves some caring,
for all those yet unborn,
which strangely,
has fundamentalist leanings.
but unlike that mindset have
less ownership of all things.
Does it not seem odd,
that attempts to reduce carbon
footprint be
controversial ?
More so than how much garbage produced
every day in the world.
OK, it is likely,
evolution of human thought
is a succession,
of regressive patterns explained,
by factors affecting change.
No doubt that,
Why must the masses,
work so hard,
to stop a few diehards,
who need so much to control?
All throughout history revealed,
tested for long-lasting battery
strength with a sudden short-circuit fuse.
It boils down to the same thing;
the winners will become losers,
and the losers will win.
And time erases,


Opportunity knocks,
for what was first thought,
a young Pileated woodpecker.
Sometimes flying around the wharf,
with a tuft crown and loud cry,
a sound so raucous the same
pitch as the giant woodpecker.
The Belted Kingfisher,
a somewhat smaller,
bird with less resonating call,
has always been more shy.
And yet, it turned out,
a Kingfisher observed in flight,
with the proper wing span.
Diving in and out of water,
probably fishing for crabs?
Fast diving sea-bird
swooping to catch prey.
If seen teeter-tottering,
get out-of-the-way immediately,
this preamble before weapon,
strength projectile pooping.

Visitors to the Dock   

From the first light of day,
visitors to the dock arrive.
First the ducks mostly,
Surf Scoters and Wood Ducks drift
in with the tide.
But swimming
against the tide paddle,
that causes a v,
formation on the water,
surface much the same way outboard,
motors look only less,
powerful in small groups forms,
design patterns,
reminds me of marks,
left on the ice from,
skating too hard.
When the seagulls appear next,
and sea crows strut along,
the floats not long afterwards,
the sheer number of sea birds,
an impression,
of lineups before opening
time at sales events,
only more noisier!

Blue Day in Canada  

Blue Day sought,
to stamp out bullying,
in Canada.
Observed every,
year mid December.
Campaign started,
in Bathurst,
New Brunswick, 2006.
A letter,
to the P.M. asks
for national
of anit-bullying,


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    • myartshow

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