December 2011 Poems

23 Dec

Saturday December 10, 2011 

The big excitement
today watching,
the MV Frances Barkley
motoring by,
in front of the cabin,
on her run to Bamfield,
dropping passengers or freight,
off in Kildonan,
which explains why,
the ship was in,
the passage,
close enough to snap,
some photos this sunny,
day warmer than the past few,
where the frost remained all day.
Albiet, the sun
shone all day and the full,
moon lit up things,
at night much,
the same as,
by day with shadows and frost,
sparkling on roofs,
the stuff of Christmas time,
on the north-west coast.

Kepler 22b     

NASA’s new dating service,
the Kepler Mission
is quick matching criteria,
of 1,000 planets,
with the earth using,
a Pavarotti style,
telescope that searches and records,
all evidence of potentially,
new planets with earth.
So far, one planet shows promise,
identified at present,
as Kepler 22b located,
some 200 light years away is,
something of an issue,
of the long-term future,
for a strong relationship.
Scientists continue,
to scope the match for evidence of
and figure out significant details,
of its basic composition.
What they know about this new match,
it has a radius twenty-four times,
bigger than the earth’s,
which believe it or not
qualifies it as the smallest,
planet next to earth,
with two factors in common.
That it is in a habitable,
zone with water,
and it orbits,
a star similar to,
the sun although smaller and cooler.
Undetermined facts about,
how the planet composes itself of,
the four elements points this new
planet for study.
There is excitement,
that this is after all,
one candidate among fifty-four,
just confirmed as,
being a strong match for the earth,
despite the telescope tracking thousands,
not measuring up.

All the Sales Events 

Black Friday,
Cyper Monday,
and Christmas now close,
with the pre Boxing Day specials,
then when Boxing Day’s over,
it’s the time for January,
clearance events.
All the stuff
remaining from the other sales,
if not sold then packed,
away for another
sale later in the year,
even in later years than,
sold at bargain
prices some
consider the best,
method for finding a special.
Whereas others want first dibs,
on lowest available
prices just one reason.
For some the thrill,
of the event.
Getting great deals
is something to brag about.
Although it is the season more,
for giving,
and not just receiving.
Shop until you drop,
for those on your,
Christmas list without still
not to forget the spirit,
of this privileged rite began
out of kindness,
and sharing.

Christmas Is More 

Christmas is more,
than adherence to customs
and religious rituals.
The frenzy of shopping joined,
with the urge to get in the spirit
don’t always find the meaning for all.
Some enjoy celebration,
while others prefer
quiet time for remembering,
memories conjure up,
also emotions
complicate our lives.
Different beliefs and persuasions,
all serve as pause for reflection,
if only one thing you try.
Is it too much to ask for,
to find one moment,
with the demands of Christmas,
to allow the remarkable,
process of forgiveness with free,
fringe benefit of better
than chocolate, better than any
intoxicant what is,
magic peace brings.

Sea Stars

At high tide,
sea stars,
in all shapes and sizes
cling in solitude,
all along the shore line below
water’s surface.
At low tide move
with suction tube feet close
together even,
lying in a massive clump
making it difficult,
to see where one body ends,
and the next starts.
In a drawing look
as if petals strewn,
a galaxy of mixed stars.
As I stare
from above them,
the occassional bent
arm looking back,
through a small red dot
although it is probably
the current that causes,
Some with eighteen arms,
a foot wide.


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