January 2012 Poems

30 Jan

 “To Be Or Not To Be”

“To be,
or not to be”,
expression with complex
meaning whatever
a person wants it to mean.
Shakespeare’s multi purpose phrase
serves to inspire,
thought about life.
Contemplated upon,
every literary
seems to find,
a place,
in the hearts of people,
for the poorly put
phrase whether or not,
the words
cause editorial grief.
Since no other,
written expression has,
the impact,
to conjure,
such thinking about self,
and meaning of life.
In context of tragedy
for attention,
sign of Hamlet’s
during stages of loss
and grief cause fluctuation,
in mood and behaviour,
me thinks.

New Years Morning 

New years morning,
neighbours give us the silent
treatment by sleeping
in or just not around.
On a quiet inlet,
with only wind,
to bargain with we
took the boat out to check traps
But, when the trap surfaced one
crab clinging to the top
jumped off the cage.
So, we decided,
to fish instead.
Better luck with a catch,
of one Greenling, 3 Rockfish
and Yelloweye.

January 4, – January 9, 2012  

As soon as the light fades,
the weather triggers
the most outrageous behaviour,
of gusting rain and gale force warning
wind as if night
gives permission for effect.
And the rain here, no fooling, of the top
ten places in the world for most rainfall.
Then unexpectedly,
a perfectly pleasant few days
followed by more torrential
rain and wind factors.
So you make the most of the fine days,
by getting out.
A forest walk,
or out in the boat,
to fish or throw a crap trap out,
which is easier to haul up than prawn,
because the latter sinks hundreds feet
down and needs much muscle,
to pull out of the ocean.
Last time the prawn trap filled
with slippery eels,
(like slimy snakes)
hanging half in and half out the trap.
Then, in some choppy seas,
the crab trap drifted away lost and found,
some distance from its original
place caused to move by tide, current,
and the wind of an el Nino year.
Sometimes we sit
and drift in the boat, if the sun shines,
everything else drifting
by us such as seagulls, ducks, logs, debris
and seals bobbing here and there,
with the satellite
radio playing,
along with a mug of coffee,
from a thermos
is a pleasant experience until
threatened by damp cold creeping,
from within rubber boots, then to the legs
signals time to warm up.

January 10, 2012  

The moon set,
just as first signs of pink
appeared in streaks,
across the sky smudged,
with grey fog blended,
to erase the mountain,
except for,
an outline seeming
transparent at
first but becoming
a large mass,
of obliteration.
The fog than dispersing,
in low formation,
along the water,
at sunrise.

The Past Year  

Whoever said an old dog
of learning new tricks
and ways of survival,
just had a lazy dog.
When I think about,
all the past year threw at me,
I could not fetch,
my average
retrieved better than chewed.
The death of a sister not
easy to accept,
because she was young.
Changes in how less
costs more now bones
rattling in Gyro parks,
mostly barking at the trees.

A Man’s World  

that phrase, “it’s a man’ world”,
since the world,
as I know it takes no cue,
from any creäture.
Although claimed to help,
a man’s world
takes what he wants
and never stops believing,
the words of the mantra;
That the world exists for
man to use.
God credited,
as father of all
forgot to make everyone
see the same reality.
And omitting to make
nature conforming,
even stranger.
So tell me,
how is it,
that a man’s world defies,
(and succeeds in doing so),
the logic of God.


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