February 2012 Poems

28 Feb

Internet Bonus  

Cold plunging search
for groups and networks,
in the internet sea
requires knowledge of hidden dangers
swimming alongside in wait
for opportunity to strike.
Is this an internet bonus?
Spam (blocked by Akismet),
tracking cookies,
that put my computer at risk.
And a cargo of
temporary files,
that just impede,
the speed of my computer.
(Although salvaged by disk clean up.)
When I want to exit,
Windows commands me not
to shut down or unplug before
all the updates
upload and process.
Just so I continue with
virus free internet, if
and when wi-fi works.
And when computer security
suddenly freezes things,
with background checks.

Too Many Words

You read through my mind,
hearing what you saw in me.
The words I spoke unheard.
That was alright.
We laughed about,
what you interpreted.
I mumbled about
wanting time to work on art,
since I waited all day to.
Your preference to
second guess things,
a bad habit lately.
Although you claim too much
talking and words
confuse pure intuition
and understanding.

Fish Out of Water  

What is the problem exactly?
Somehow, somewhere down the line,
someone or something
caused you grief so engraved
deep in the subconscious thinking.
Hurt prevents you from examining
the way substance abuse
goes beyond personal harm.
Dynamite sticks of “oh poor me”
blow proportion out
and repeat patterns
leave nothing but rubble.
Your mistake is believing courage
comes from swallowing poison.
A pact with the devils of
self-destruction trade
temporary mind loss masked as
artificial resuscitation.
Every time takes more
of your body and soul.
By convincing yourself this
choice better than the alternative,
to clean up and face the facts just
fish out of water.

Year of the Kid   

This year so far,
two girls
escaped from kidnappers.
A boy pooled enough
well-earned cash,
to prevent,
his grandmother’s
house from foreclosure.
a teenage boy lifted
a car
from off
his grandfather.
A car crash
did not kill a boy,
who claims
an angel
intervened there.

Shut Up and Fish 

A mistake
trying to talk,
while out in the skiff,
with the motor sound
and steering,
check the sounder,
tell me just to shut
up and fish.

We Make the Most Of  

We make the most
of what life dishes us.
What else can we do?
Not the same as liking it.
Not the same as holding a grudge.
Not the same as blaming anyone,
who seems a likely candidate for,
the anger, the frustrating
stench in a holding tank
of emotional
waste fermented
too long develops aftertaste.
Only eradicated by
determining the source of
pain driving need to punish others.
We fool ourselves,
by believing escape
from unclosed tabs of
the past vanish and
not return to haunt the same
weigh in the same way, two way
mirror reveals
the cloning of infliction through
use of repetition.
A future divided already
conquered without
hope for spare change lost.
Negativity another
word for denying your part
in climbing up by kicking.
If you believe my past
unworthy and yet I believe
yours a pretense of
worthiness without rhyme and reason,
spins the circle.


(previously published on the internet, Feb. 2, 2012) 

I prefer
quiet mornings,
busy afternoons
and evenings sharing time with
another close beating heart
who sometimes patiently
waits for a dull moment to pass
(although not always),
since timing
is everything,
with such questions
“Have you thought about supper?”
Simple things
become substance of
days disappearing,
too quickly,
into a vault of time.
traced by a thought,
from memory linking all
that becomes those familiar,
repetitious patterns,
that define my life,
in the end mean
most to me.

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