Poems About Painting – April 2012

27 Apr

Painting And Puzzles

Painting a painting
is much the same
as doing a puzzle.
At times the pieces fit easily.
Other times some thinking about
what goes where and how to reach
direction flow looking from
different angles.
Easy to go off on a tangent.
Sometimes what seems
right at first later wrong.
Then an unexpected surprise
where something fits
without much thought.
Just as pieces of a puzzle
match by color
in the assembling of it.
The painting slowly
develops from process.
Each layer of paint
every brush and knife
stroke adds to recognition.
The picture is
more difficult to recognize
in the early stages of putting.
together where more perseverance
pays off in the long run .
As the scene takes shape
the momentum to continue
from the hoping to complete
an inspired task.
Think about this.
So many pieces involved
in the finished picture
is no less the several times
a painter considers each movement
towards the end work.

These Paintings

Bite me clean between the eyes
and when that happens
account for these paintings.
What drive behind
the finished work
real or imagined
over-crowding my senses.
At times only short-lived
and deconstruction
sometimes finding solutions.
Confusion of
meaning a wasted
effort of crated
silence inside
hanging in the balance
of time left to prove value.

Seeing in Color

Development of all paintings
consist of uncalculated
hours of decision how
to speak in strokes of color.

A universal language.
Something humans have in common
with the salmon seeing in color
A life and death instinct.

Total time revealed in
the fragmented brushes and dull tools.
Empty squeezed paint tubes and wiped
but smeared paint palette left drying.

After expired paint sessions
refreshed by inspiration
baited line of insight
reeled in by the unfolding picture.

Whats Involved In Painting

When I begin a painting
there is no sure method
of knowing the completion date.
Because it is not the time spent on
mixing paint and applying it more
or less than choosing what to convey.
A happy medium
interprets the balancing act
between the hand and mind drive
So much of the directive stems from.
In other words the creativity
I experience a key role
and the extent of routine practised.
Is it something I see?
or is it what I imagine?
Perhaps bits and pieces of things.
My belief and sum accomplishments.
There is entire spectrum of feelings.
and all the mistakes to fix.
What quality of paint
matters and what tools used.
My relationship to the subject
sometimes decides extent of abstraction.
Every style of painting filtered
through ideological thought.

First Painters

History claims the first painters
used natural pigments
even blood to paint
in ritual ceremony
meaning of life
for entire tribes.
What was important then
still with relevance today.
The glue forming a basis of
for humanity.
With the landmark achievement
of group hunting
such survival discovery
giving future with spare time
used for exploring
meaning and new purpose.
The first signs revealed in
painted imagery
of hunting scenes and animal figures
on cave walls during
times of thanks and sacrifice.
Importance of these events
form the basis
of community.
This significant role
of painting through time lends purpose.


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