A New Twist On Souvenir Spoons

31 May

Funk-tional Art

Collecting souvenir spoons from places visited belongs to a different era. My mother considered her spoon collection a treasure and that is what other collectors believed. But forty years later, spoon collections are showing up in thrift stores and yard sales.

Spoon collections tell a personal story of travel.  If collecting souvenir spoons no longer interests the traveler of today then making them into something else works. That something else is jewelry. Because buying jewelry is a favorite activity of many people. Especially unique and artistic.

There is a wide choice of jewelry from children’s to specialized available in many visitor and gallery shops.  Open markets are also popular places to search for unique souvenirs. That is where I display my creations. And this summer one of my themes is a new twist on souvenir spoons made into pendants. The spoons range in type of metals. My use of semi precious stones, glass and shells enhance the spoons new incarnation.

Every spoon is different because in the bending process some metals shape easier and sometimes when they break, there is still something interesting to use  A few become earrings. Still other parts of spoons make good charms for bracelets.


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