Come Mirror And Lend Me Your Ears

29 Jul

In the summer months, I go to local markets and sell the mini sculptures and canvas art I make in the form of jewelry. My favourite medium to work with is copper. Although I also use brass, steel and silver. The canvas earrings are also miniature abstract expression pieces. Not surprising, for those choosing painted canvas earrings, the decision is not less difficult than it is for deciding on a painting to buy.

All my earrings are for pierced ears. if you are a person who likes original earrings at affordable prices, as I do then my choice of earrings are fun to look at. Semi- precious stones and beads are more popular with earrings and so I offer a good choice using the metals mentioned.

I learn a lot from the process of making earrings. First of all, design and form is always at play the same as in any artwork. In the case of making earrings, the process involves repeating the design twice and getting it right. A number of people interested in making jewelry often ask about how to get started and where to get supplies. Just as an artist describes the process of art making, the result does not always mean selling the work, but it just might be an incentive for someone else’s creativity.

Meeting the public as they travel to their various vacation destinations allows me the opportunity to discuss the artwork I do and to explain my philosophy of creativity.  Which is to use all of my extra materials in the art making process for something both functional and artistic. Everything points back to my primary interest in making art.  Of course, I enjoy making the jewelry.


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2 responses to “Come Mirror And Lend Me Your Ears

  1. Sarah Scott and Warren Arbuckle

    August 28, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Hello there! I am trying to get in touch with Diane Rae. My name is Sarah Scott and my Husband, Warren Arbuckle and I bought her house on Lakeshore Rd, at Sproat Lake near Port Alberni about 7 years ago. Just an aside…we love the place and are taking very good care of it…Anyway, the reason I am writing is that the fish carving that was out front of the house was, most unfortunately, stolen. We are very upset about this as our children had named it after their grandmother, who had left us enough money to buy the house in the first place and because we know that it is a one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. We are wondering if you could either pass this email along to the original artist or provide us with his contact information as our insurance company requires a written evaluation of the cost of the fish carving. If, that is not possible, if you Diane could give us some sort of appraisal of the peice, that would be great, but something from the artist would be ideal. We have taken a photo of it to one carver who estimated the replacement value at between $10 and $12,000.00.

    I hope to hear from you soon Diane and hope all has been going well for you these past few years.

    Thank you and Kind regards,

    Sarah Scott
    P.S. – I am still best of friends with Rhonda DelRio!

    Kind regards,

    Sarah Scott

    • myartshow

      August 28, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      Hi Sarah, I’m sorry to hear about the disappearance of the salmom especially since it has special meaning for the kids. I will contact you by email with further info.


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