Outdoor Art

29 Oct

Art for outdoors plays an increasing role in my art making process. With my fourth architectural project, I created a lifestyle space that encourages ideas of combining indoor concepts with the outdoors. The design of garden and structure ratio add to this cause.

A variety of art styles combine in the overall effect. There is mural, art sign, found object sculpture, banners and other installation. if you include the extensive  rockery in this configuration, both organized and random, the overall visual effect is a unique fusion.

The artworks shown were specifically made for the outdoors.  However,the banners stay only until late autumn because they are smaller than commercial size and unable to withstand winter wind. And the wire figure (mascot ) has some protection from precipitation all through the year.

There are a number of found object sculptures in and around the flower beds. Their visibility is more from autumn to mid summer. After that period, the foliage of the garden hides them from view. New flower beds inspire new installations.

If the opportunity to design another project in the future arises, I believe art in the outdoors or rather art out-of-doors will have a key role.


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2 responses to “Outdoor Art

  1. Johanna Frumento

    October 30, 2012 at 7:16 am

    good to see some of your great shots. It looks,like you made it in one piece across the mountains?

    i have to run again toLaurier border this morning,the post mistress did not give me information,where to pick up my UPS parcel from vitacost it gets now delivered to a store.

    I hope to get away by next Monday,should there be a hole in the sky, a blue patch I just run.

    Maybe I will see you on the Island

    Hope everything is well with you and I miss you.

    big hug Hana


    • myartshow

      October 30, 2012 at 10:44 am

      Hi Hanna, Thanks for your comment. Hey, I found the photos from your garden. Sending by email. See ya.


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