An indoor mural, more outdoor art and a rock hound club show.

30 Nov

logorockshow gems

A few things from the best of my autumn. I painted a geometric design mural in a private home. An invitation to visit the land of an artist couple who exclusively make outdoor art. And a visit to the Surrey, BC rockhounders club show, where I won a handcrafted semi precious carving.

Indoor Mural

I talked about mural painting before, but for outdoors. This October, I painted a small mural in the home of someone who primarily had wood surface on the interior walls. The commission came with one instruction. Paint something orange.

A few years back, I made fine art signs and chalkboards for small businesses. Then, I learned importance of finding out as much as possible what type of imagery and styles the commissioning person prefers. This differs completely from my approach to my artistry. It is only beneficial to work in many ways.

The challenge with painting this mural was philosophical because the commissioner of the work is a very creative person with appreciation of  independent art. For this reason, I happily struggled with painting what I wanted and that which more sensibly influenced by the person who sees it every day.

In the end, a commissioned work reflects the artist’s ability and skill to interpret others vision without compromising their own.

The Outdoor Art of Sue Hughes and Paul Schleicher

Long after the frost in the higher elevations, I went up to the mountainous outdoor studio of a couple of artists.  That’s right. Their property design is from the principles of sacred geometry marked with found object sculptures and constructions. Nature plays a key role in the designs and materials used.

Paul Schleicher collects wood and stone from around the world to create sculptures. Smaller wooden sculptures, especially made of cedar become chewing posts for ground squirrels in the winter and so storing them is necessary. Patterns in the grass such as the small Star of David and the labyrinth maintained with regular mowing.

Sue Hughes, once an art teacher travelled as a child to visit some of the world’s architectural achievements. Her vision for a labyrinth inspired by her spiritual belief and wish to live with a lighter footstep.  As well, Sue collaborates with Paul on crop patterns and placement of art . A special interest in water healing ceremonies is the focus of Sue’s work.

Surrey Rock Hound Club Show

I thought that I missed all the rock and gem shows for this year. Fortunately, a number of rock and gem shows occur in the fall. In Surrey, I learned about faceting, wire weaving and a new style of wire wrapping. I also bid on a few raw rock samples.

Rock and gem shows are good places to buy lapidary supplies and to learn more about rock types. The exhibits were interesting too. No luck for any of the door prizes. but in a spin the wheel contest, the dial landed on the only gold of the day,  Overall, it was a fun afternoon for a rainy day.


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