3 Excercises in DRAWING MOVEMENT

07 Feb

sketch book & drawing toolsrepetitious pattern motiongeometric continuous motionframe by frame continuous motion

The object of this exercise is to learn how to draw subjects in motion.

Whether in a sketch or a refined drawing, the movement defines one of the main aspects of an animated picture. There are different ways of drawing motion and “sense of motion. Whether through use of an emerging pattern, geometric shape or by a “line of action“(imaginary line extending from/through the main concept of a moving subject) the key is observation of the moving subject.

Since movement in a drawing involves a series of abstract lines, these experiments work well with contour drawing.  Simple sketches for each experiment capture motion in either a series of REPETITIVE or CONTINUOUS lines.

Use of materials for these experiments involves a sketch book or paper, pencils and/or conté crayon, coloured pencils, charcoal, pens, graphite pencils.

 Patterns in Continuous Movement

  1. Observe and draw subjects that have no start or stop movement such as water and clouds
  2. Identify patterns in movement action
  3. Create a design from the irregular, yet ongoing shapes

Geometric Shapes in Repetitive Movement

  1. Observe and draw subjects able to stop and repeat the same motion, such as figurative
  2. Look for the geometric shapes in the subject.
  3. Make a drawing with geometric shapes and extending these shapes in a line of action

Frame by Frame Repetitive Movement 

  1. Observe and draw subjects in motion sequence, where the subject starts and stops at will
  2. Each sketch/drawing of the subject reveals a frame by frame depiction of the movement
  3. Stack the sketches in a pile and flip hem like the pages of a book

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2 responses to “3 Excercises in DRAWING MOVEMENT

    • myartshow

      April 16, 2013 at 7:55 pm

      Hi Chris, A good excercise and well presented.


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