PAINTING MOVEMENT – Brushstrokes Techniques

25 Feb

paint movement with continuous repetitive brush strokespaint with repetitive brush strokespaint motion with dabbing strokes

As in drawing movement, the concepts of CONTINUOUS and REPETITIVE motion applies in painting. Line of action is also key to showing movement with a brush.Whereas in painting, the color provides an opportunity to experiment with aspects of motion without a distinct subject.

There are a number of brush stroke techniques for expressing movement. Here are three to play with. For this exercise use acrylic, gouache and/or watercolour paints on primed canvas or paper/sketchbook. Try using various size brushes right for the paint you use. Choose and mix colors.

  1. Continuous Spiral The object of this exercise is to understand the use of continuous line of color to express motion. Choose a start point on the surface and continue the line in a spiral until you run out of surface. Repeat the exercise again, when the paint dries using another color and with a different start point.  Note that the continuous movement became an emerging repetitive pattern.

  2. Repetitive Scrubbing  – This exercise allows experiment with a line of colour in repeat brushstrokes using a scrubbing movement. Vary the speed and intensity of the brush stroke on the surface in various applications.

  3. Continuous/Repetitive Dabbing  Use a brush you feel comfortable with. Try this exercise using broken line dabs in repetitive brushstrokes. Then use continuous line dabs (almost like wavy lines) to show continuous movement.

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