MORE PLAY WITH PAINT – 3 techniques

09 Apr

finger paintingsponging with paintpaint thrown on surface

The more painting techniques practised, the better opportunity to do a variety of visual expressions. Paint technique combinations provides the most satisfactory outcome in painting. Try these three experiments with any water based paints on paper, canvas or board.  The “fun” in painting is finding what works best for a painting and so as in the first “Play with Paint”, (4 sessions back), it is important, to enjoy this exercise.


This technique is easy to learn, since it is one used in home renovation. Some paint stores have instructions on the many application styles. The best sponge results from a sea sponge,, but a regular household sponge works too.  Try a small piece of sponge at first. Of course, the amount of paint in the sponge affects the pattern.

Finger Painting

A technique learned in childhood art instruction, the use of fingers in painting, an inevitable outcome when any tool  (brush, palette knife, sponge etc.), no longer provides the desired effect on a painted surface. Have no doubt, the finger is a tool in painting. Wear thin gloves (such as surgical ones), if you have reactions to paint on the skin.

Paint Throw/Flicking

A similar concept to the commercial Paintball game except the intended target of Flicking is one surface. The most useful application for the future is to practise with a brush. As in all the other experiments, the amount of paint in the brush determines the effect on the surface. Depending on extent of “flicking” the brush, the turn of the wrist and the texture due to the water content of the paint, the results vary.

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