Current Architectural Project

Every building project poses new challenges.  This was the first vacant lot that I have developed.  It is a commercial property for light business activity and the building set backs are different from residential.  Such was the inspiration to build something unique.

Greenwood is an old mining town half way between the Okanagan and the Kootenays in the British Columbian southern interior.  Just a few minutes away from the US border.  One hundred years ago, it was a boom town and so the town has the infrastructure of a small city.  With the decline of copper mining, one of the only sources of business income is summer tourism.

A  few plans were on the table to begin with, but what you see here is the form that took shape on the property.  In one corner of the property, I have built a complex of small buildings,with possible use for shops, offices and even for summer living. Gardens, rock beds and driveways exist around these structures to create functionality and beauty together.  And yet, there is still a main building site available for a large structure on the other side of the property.

The design of this 50 x 100 ft. property would not give the feeling of being crammed,even with a larger building because of the way the gardens break up spaces.  Where the sun is at different times of the year has determined where the buildings are too.  For example, the building with the most sun in the summer is a greenhouse/solarium.

However, it would not take a lot more work for this place to become a small RV resort, B & B or hostel.

There was a lot of rock on the property,which is just 400 ft. from a creek.  All of the rock is in use throughout the property.  It may not surprise anyone to know that I now also have a rock tumbler to tumble the many interesting stones I have found there.


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