Out on A Limb Series

This group of paintings is a small series that began (and I’m not sure when it will end), with my growing fascination of trees. At first, I spent some years in Clayoquot Sound and then at Sproat Lake, where I had a building project.

The trees in my daily life then are the inspiration for these paintings.  Actually, “Death of an Old Growth Spruce” is woven with copper throughout and so it is just as much a weaving, as a painting.  I have imagined what it would be like if I were the tree, in the day of life. For a long time, I tossed around ideas of how a tree thinks.  Finally, I decided to use the impressionistic method that Monet and Manet used when creating repeat images depicted at different times of day. It is what colors I imagined the tree sees in the morning, afternoon and evening.

This idea about trees and colour applies to “Spruce Boogie Woogie” too.  The first painting in the series. Over painted several times until the colour feels right.  In this case, the color is about the seasons. What colours might be seen on and around the tree at different times of year.

Both of the paintings, “Fir” and “Bigleaf Maple & Red Cedar” exist because I want to always remember them.  The shape and character of the trees in these paintings is more important than colouring.

I learned to make cedar rope, in a process I experienced as totally mesmerizing. I think that I would like doing it all the time and not become bored. My little cedar tree sculpture reinforces with copper. I use copper a lot in my work too.

This exhibition is honouring “the International Year of the Forest”, 2011


One response to “Out on A Limb Series

  1. Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris

    March 6, 2014 at 12:19 am

    I love this project, and I’m sure the trees feel and appreciate the loving attention you are giving them. I’ve been feeling increasingly close to trees too and expect they will surface in my own work soon as well. Thanks for Liking a post over at my blog. cheers, Sarah


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