DRWdesigns Publications

Since 1995, DRWdesigns has published the booklets, postcards and greeting cards of Diane Rae. DRWdesigns has also co-sponsored art exhibitions in Toronto, Ontario and in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

Individual & Collaborative Booklets by Diane Rae

“Strathcona Park & North Vancouver Island”, 2011. Collection of sketch paintings organized into categories of Rivers, Lakes, Falls, Ocean Inlets, Mountains and Trails. A brief description about each painting.

“Pioneer Women of the Victoria Art Movement”, 2009. A short overview of the role women played in the rise of the art culture in city of Victoria and overall in British Columbia.  Originally designed as an art show for the Fernwood Community Centre, Victoria, BC .Cover designed in a workshop at the Surrey Art Gallery. Booklet commemorates British Columbia’s 125 anniversary.

“Cathedral Grove: A Living Forest”, 2008.  Sketch paintings done ‘en plenair” in the forest during the summer of 2008 and then exhibited in the Vancouver Regional Library branches at mid Vancouver Island.

“The Illuminated Series”, 2003. Some of the fine art signs and chalkboards created for small businesses on Vancouver Island during 2000 – 2003.

“Art as if the World Mattered”, 2001. Documentation of the art show at the Womens’ Institute, University of Toronto, as part of the conference, Biology as if the World Mattered. Edited by Diane Rae with contributions from artists from Vancouver and Toronto.

“Vancouver Island Gypsy Tour: The Opalescent Series”, 2000: A series of abstract miniature acrylic paintings exhibited in outdoor venues at selected locations on Vancouver Island.

“Sabbatical Journal”,1998: A series of brochures with different themes similar in style to travel brochures. A mix of humour, poetry,travel and nature.

“Bury My Heart”, 1997 : booklet accompanying sculpture for art exhibition, Artropolis, Vancouver,BC 1997. (Image not available).

“I Claudia”, 1996: This booklet is the outcome of a costume party and art exhibition by Famous Empty Sky at Pacific Light Impressions in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC. All of the artist guests at the party created artwork from the photographs taken during the party.

“Unreasonable Dreams,:An Exploration in Multidisciplinary Art”, 1996.  From the group art show and performances at the former Gastown cafe, The Talking Stick, in Vancouver, BC. Edited by Diane Rae with contributions from artists involved in the show.

“The Long Arm of the Moon”, 1995. A booklet of poetry by Barry Coull and art work by Diane Rae. Booklet design and production by Donna Barker.  Book launch at Black Sheep Books with a poetry reading and art exhibition.


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