Funk-tional Art /Rock It Jewelry/ The Trained Lobster

Clarity necklace on neckclose up of necklacedetail of Well being necklaceMind and heart Balancer 1mixed semi-precious necklacemodelled semi precious chip chokerbracelets and necklacesThundereggVitality necklace on neck

      beach glass and shell pendantsCleopatra style necklacepainted canvas earrings 3red cedar pendant with coppergold plated antique spoon with canvas pendantmilky quartz & dallasite pendantskitchen sink metal pendantJade, quartz & rhodonite with copper necklaceflourite pendantsdruzy quartz and copper pendantscopper & stainless steel pendantassortment of earrings at Pharmasave 

Funktional Art  Rock It Jewelry and The Trained Lobster are specifically jewelry lines . Funktional Art is metal designs, painted and upcycled jewelry. Rock It Jewelry is all lapidary designs. The Trained Lobster is about beach glass and shell jewelry.

Miniature sculptures formed from copper, steel and brass. Lapidary pendants from hand-picked semi precious stones that I rock tumble. Red cedar, when available is woven into bracelets and necklaces. Painted canvas jewelry is a new addition to the regular stock. Every season I include a new design using recycled materials. Beach glass is an environment friendly jewelry.

Art cards and art prints are also part of Funktional Art.  Small painted sketches are a new addition to this seasons work.

From my garden are vegetable and herb seedlings. In the autumn dried herbs and and some medicinal teas. Sometimes even flowers. The brand name of these products is Best Natural Flavour.


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