IMG0011 Diane making cedar wreathsPainting

As far back as in grade school, I knew my strong point was artistry. The stuff I prefer to make is paintings-the old-fashioned way. With an easel and a good choice of paints, I set up indoors or outdoors. Even without an easel or in confined spaces, I face the challenge and adapt my creativity.

banners on building flower bed and gazebo The Lane Gallery Stage 1

As an independent artist, I also built buildings and designed gardens. The three main projects are in British Columbia, Canada. The main theme in these projects is heritage.

haywire in the gazebo summerdisplay signtable view

Over the years, I involved myself with a number of artist groups and activities. More recently, I create wearable art mostly from lapidary and metal profiled at local markets.

Strathcona Park & North Vancouver Island, 2011 Cathedral Grove A Living Forest, 2007 Gallery Sign

Art signs and publishing art booklets is another form of presentation I enjoy. Since 1992, with DRWdesigns  I also sponsored small art shows and community projects, workshops and writing poetry.

This site has posts about a variety of the topics mentioned. All this artistry in British Columbia, Canada.

To see posts, just click on RSS-Posts, in the right column.

Stories, poems and flickr photos found at:



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