“Haywire” became a mascot in the late 1990’s.  Originally created in the image of a corn dolly and exhibited in a group show by” Avenue for the Arts” in Vancouver, “The Doll Project”.The doll began with the shaping of chicken wire to copy the proportions of my body. This structure strengthens with multi-coloured electrical wire. Afterwards, the wire stuffed with fresh hay and her mask face made from a Turban squash. The history of her evolution will unfold here, when I add more pictures and tell the stories of our adventures.

The hay used to fill out the body of Haywire lasted for only a few years. To my surprise, the hay reused as mulch in my garden started to grow!  From then on, Haywire has been without hay and the wire retains it shape, with a bit of stretching.  She is sometimes now called “The Wired Woman”, although the original name is still in popular use.

 Haywire is a mascot in different places and has her own wardrobe plus accessories. I share items of clothing with Haywire and so have a few others.  Every so often, she needs a good stretching, from all the sitting in the same place.

 Two recent pics of Haywire in winter and summer.


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