Public Art Projects





On Site Art Interchange       Show invitation for On Site Art Interchange 2014

A yearly event from January – March in various British Columbia cities, that involves painting in public and community based locations once per week. In 2014, the painting took place in Port Alberni, BC.

Art As If the World Mattered    Art as if the World Mattered, 2001

The project started in 2000 as an off shoot to a conference in Toronto, ” Biology as if the World Mattered”. The first show of Toronto and Vancouver artists. In 2001,the project was a workshop based event in Toronto, ON. Winnipeg, MB. and Victoria, BC. Now in 2015 another event with details announced in the spring.

Gloria Art School Program (GASP)  Gloria Art School; Program GASP)


A new project starting in 2015. The program intends on offering a variety of workshops, short art courses, sketching groups and even art presentations/lectures. Free to the public. The program will fundraise and seek sponsors and donations.

The Lane Gallery Project     The Lane Gallery - Stage 1

A series of life-size historical figures pioneering the Boundary region of British Columbia.  The first stage is on display for the public now. On hwy. 3 (Copper Ave., Greenwood, BC), stand in front of the mural between Deadwood and Greenwood Streets and look towards Jubilee Mt. and Boundary Creek.



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